What is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

There are a wide range of risks that come with operating a business – some of which may be completely unexpected. From the moment you start operations, you become open to these risks, which is why it’s vital for you to have proper protection. Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance coverage is the only way to ensure your business and assets are effectively protected.


The coverage known as Commercial General Liability Insurance provides your business with protection from damages due to bodily injury or property damage for which you could be found legally liable.

Please contact one of our experienced CGL insurers at Dwight Andrus Insurance if you’re interested in protecting the assets of your business. Drawing upon more than 75 years of experience, our team has the expertise and in-depth knowledge to provide your business with the protection you need. Contact one of our consultants today to learn more.


Typically, a CGL policy covers claims including bodily injury or other physical injury, personal injury (libel or slander), advertising injury and property damage – basically, it covers claims that happen as a result of your products, premises or operations. At Dwight Andrus we can provide you with CGL as a package policy along with other coverages such as automobile, crime, property and more.

By safeguarding your business, CGL coverage lets you continue your normal operations while dealing with claims of negligence or wrongdoing. This type of policy also covers the cost to defend or settle claims against your business. Following is more detailed information about what may be covered by a typical CGL policy.

Automatic additional insured: Provides coverage for written contracts, agreements and permits.

Personal and advertising injury: Protects against offenses made by you or your staff during everyday business operations, including libel, slander, disparagement or copyright infringement in advertisements.

Defense costs: Includes coverage for legal expenses for liability claims brought against your business – no matter who may be at fault.

Medical expenses: Provides coverage for medical expenses, which can occur when someone is injured on your premises or by your products.

Premises and operations liability: Includes coverage for bodily injury and property damage which may occur to others on your premises or in conjunction with your business operations.

Products liability: Offers coverage for bodily injury and property damage that is sustained by others specifically as a result of your products.


The right coverage amount for your business depends upon three factors: perceived risk, where your business operates and the type of products you produce or manufacture.

Perceived risk: This has to do with the amount of risk associated with your business operations and daily functions. For example, if you manufacture heavy machinery, you will probably need more coverage than a business that makes stuffed animals.

Premises and operations liability: If your business operates in a state that has gained a reputation for rewarding high damages for liability claims, then it may be best for you to purchase higher limits of liability coverage.

Type of product manufactured: If your business manufactures dangerous products, it may be best for you to carry higher limits of liability. Keep in mind that you can purchase an Umbrella Liability policy to achieve the desired limit of liability.


Here are a few other tips for protecting your business:

  • Maintain high standards of product quality control at your organization.
  • Make sure all of your company records are accurate and up to date.
  • Train your employees properly and completely.
  • Ask Dwight Andrus for safety and compliance information.


Managing insurance coverage for a business can feel complicated. With so many moving parts, keeping track of policies and having guidance to make the right decisions is paramount. Luckily, the business insurance experts at Dwight Andrus are here to support you every step of the way. Our team is dedicated to making insurance easier by providing you with all of the coverage, services and personalized attention you need to protect the things you love. Learn more about how our team can solve your insurance needs by contacting a consultant today.