Surety Bonds

Meet your contractual and legal bonding obligations with one of the widest selections of surety bonds on the market.

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Surety bonds, such as bid bonds, performance bonds and payment bonds, are required in many construction contract situations.  Commercial bonds, such as license and permit bonds and court bonds, are needed for many kinds of business licenses as well as for court proceedings. Working with a network of partners, we are able to secure a variety of bond types for our clients, which are not limited to the bonds listed below. If you don’t see the specific bond you’re looking for, reach out to our team today for support.

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Specialty Bonds

Contact a Dwight Andrus consultant to discuss your bond needs and together we can build the perfect protection package for your business.

Instant Issue Bonds

With expedited approvals, you can find and secure your instant issue surety bond in minutes.

Our Most Popular Bond Offerings

License and Permit Bonds

Protect your business and provide peace-of-mind for your customers with license and permit bonds for all industries and professions. 

Bid Bonds

Secure your bids and provide financial assurance for your clients before beginning a construction project.

Payment & Performance Bonds

Assure your clients of the quality and value of your work with our selection of payment and performance bonds.


Protect your employees and their benefits against losses due to acts of fraud or dishonesty with ERISA fidelity bonds.

Jury and Appeal Bonds

Purchase a jury or appeal bond to fulfill civil jury trial and appeal bond obligations as required by law.

Notary Bonds

A notary bond is a type of surety bond required by many states as a way of guaranteeing the notary will perform his or her duties ethically and in adherence with the law.